Second Opinion Needed

While most doctors are able to help manage patients with pain conditions with a diagnosis and treatment options, the knowledge, experience and type of doctor consulted can affect the range of options and specific opinion offered.

Some doctors would be particularly able to help patients with advanced joint conditions requiring surgery, but less focused on the options suitable for patients with milder joint problems not requiring an operation. Others have more expertise balancing the risks and benefits of strong pharmaceutical medications for patients with complex auto-immune inflammatory conditions.

Singapore Clinic Second Opinion Avoid Surgery

Doctors who see patients with pain at a primary care level might be more inclined to offer management using a clinical diagnosis (without scans) and more standard medications.

At The Pain Relief Clinic, Dr Terence Tan prefers to take a comprehensive yet cost-effective and practical approach with each patient.

For patients with early symptoms, a range of non-invasive solutions are usually discussed. For patients with more complex, undiagnosed conditions, scans with X-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs can be useful and easily arranged.

This allows for a definitive diagnosis which is needed before precise effective treatments can be recommended.

For advanced cases where surgery is not a safe option, and for patients who still suffer pain despite undergoing other treatments and even surgery, a thorough understanding of the patient’s condition usually offers many effective options.

Ranging from nanotechnology based lubricant gels, disease modifying nutraceuticals, to non-invasive radiofrequency treatments, patients have a whole series of safe and viable options for their symptoms.

If you are unsure of the cause for your aches, pain and stiffness, or if your condition has not improved despite other treatments, we are able to help.

Simply call us at +65 6732 2397 or leave a message below for Dr Tan to discuss a customized non-invasive solution for you.

What To Expect When I Visit The Pain Relief Clinic

A typical visit will involve our doctor first understanding your medical history, concerns and previous experience with other pain treatments.

For patients who have consulted many people but have yet to receive a clear diagnosis, selecting an affordable imaging scan might be recommended to confirm the cause of your pain..

Some patients have already done scans with other doctors for their pain condition but are still not clearly told what they suffer from.

Dr Terence Tan is happy to offer you a second opinion and recommend how best to manage your condition.

We also see patients who already have a confirmed diagnosis from specialist pain doctors, but are "stuck” because treatment options offered are not practical or acceptable.

We can help by discussing options that you might have potentially never been told of.

A common experience is when a patient has already consulted a specialist doctor for pain management and is told to consider orthopaedic surgery which they find too aggressive.

Or they may have seen doctors for their pain and were prescribed painkillers with potential side effects which made them feel uncomfortable.

Many of our patients have also first tried complementary treatments or acupuncture with traditional Chinese pain doctors.

They look for a second opinion after finding any relief experienced from other treatments to be temporary or requiring repetitive treatments, which add up to time and cost.

Especially in such situations, we emphasize using non-invasive medical technology you likely have not been told about .

This can make a big difference to your results.